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A Field Guide to Meaning & Transformation for Women Navigating the Complexities of Midlife
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A lifelong storyteller, community builder, and change maker, I've spent the last 25 years helping purpose-driven organizations tell their stories, advance their missions, and change the world. When my own world was happily upended by an unplanned pregnancy at 46, I expanded (literally and figuratively!). I now leverage my professional and personal experiences to help purposeful women create and navigate transformational change in their lives, careers, and communities. 

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“You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream.”


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I was born of the Pacific Northwest woods and raised on the principles  of hard work, hand crafting, and holding fast when seas gets stormy. I believe that real, sustainable change is rarely manifested. It’s forged over time with effort, patience, and grace. If you are ready to embark on a path to lifelong change, and if you are prepared to do the work required to make that change stick, I’m here to support and guide you on your journey. Whether you are seeking transformation in your organization or in your life, I will be a partner on your path, a catalyst for the change that is already stirring within you, and a beacon on the route to your full, glorious, potential.

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to Me

A Field Guide to Meaning & Transformation.


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Your Path to a Purposeful
Second Act.


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Want to move toward your personal or professional goals with more personalized support? I offer private coaching packages to help you overcome obstacles, tap into your full potential, and make measurable progress on your path to change. You'll receive expert guidance, accountability, and encouragement as you work towards your unique aspirations. Ready to take your life to the next level?

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"Natasha is a game changer."

"Her perspective is so crystal clear and she's so wise and knowledgable that she taught me and showed me a totally new way to view myself and my abilities. I'm more confident and self accepting than ever. Not just self accepting, self loving. Now I'm reaching goals within weeks that I thought would take years.​ She has shown me that I can."


"Working with Natasha has changed me, from the inside out."

"I knew from doing Natasha's program, Live Your Legacy, that she was not going to go easy on me. I knew she would make me work for the results I wanted. And that has turned out to be true! But much of the work is internal, and it's work I've needed to do for a very long time. It is no understatement to say that working with Natasha has changed me, from the inside out. I'm so very grateful."


"If you have an opportunity to work with Natasha, for heaven's sake, do it."

"She has a way of cracking you open to yourself that is unlike anything else. She's your truth-telling fairy godmother, ready to guide you to your best self. The best part is that when the truth gets tough, Natasha gets even more loving and generous with her guidance."


"Natasha can elicit truths from you that you didn't realize you were holding."

"You'll hear words leave your lips in conversation with her and you'll think, whoah, so that's who I am. She shows you to yourself. And somehow makes you see yourself differently at the same time."


"Want peace? This is where to find it."

"When I started working with Natasha, I was a mess. A purposeful mess. I knew what I wanted to do but I was foundering and without a real plan. I felt like I was word-vomiting my soul at our first meeting. But somehow she understood what I was saying and said it back to me and I realized I'm not a mess after all. I just needed someone to hear me out and help me make a plan. She has done that in spades. "


"My best friend, my big sister, my loving momma, and sometimes even my muse."

"Natasha has played all of these roles and more. She has told me, so lovingly, when I'm really struggling, that there are times in life when all we can do is cling to the mast. And she has shown me time and time again that I am the mast."


"Natasha is a phenomenal teacher."

 "She is so relatable and yet also so wise. Her style is light hearted and conversational but the content that she teaches has so much depth. It's an amazing and effective combination."


"[WRITE YOUR TRUTH] is such a special experience."

 "Natasha's reverence for writing as a tool for growth is infectious and her personal story is so wonderful. I wish I lived down the street from her so I could meet her for weekly coffee and continue to benefit from her beautiful mind."

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The choice to invest in yourself and in outside guidance is no small thing. If you are curious and would like to learn more about working with me, book a clarity call so we can see if we're a good fit. Clarity calls come with zero obligation, really.

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"By staying true to ourselves, having a clear vision, and taking deliberate action, we can harness the power of change and use it to transform our lives for the better."



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