A Little About Me

Storyteller, adventurer, change maker.

Small Town Girl

My parents moved west from New York in the 70's to live closer to the land and to their values. To my great fortune, they landed in a small community with like-minded souls, where art, music, and theater were part of my daily life. I was raised on the twin values of creativity and making a difference.

Agency Founder

In 2009, I founded MATTERHORN, a boutique creative agency on a mission to help purpose-driven organizations tell their stories, advance their missions, and drive meaningful, lasting change. I believe that when each of us strives for transformational change in the world around us, we all reap the rewards.

Midlife Mama

My own world was forever changed when I became a mother, unexpectedly, at the age of 46. No single event has so impacted my vision of myself and the world around me. My personal mission is to live with as much authenticity and actualization as possible, and to help other women do the same.

Hi, I'm Natasha. I'm so glad you're here.


I grew up in a mossy, rain soaked corner of Washington state. Beginning at an early age, I was instilled with the twin values of being creative and making a difference. 

From my verdant Northwest launchpad I sprung to college in Vermont followed by years of traveling and living abroad, exploring the external world and the one within me.

And I wrote along the way. Always writing, always a storyteller, I had a sense that stories–the ones we tell each other and the ones we tell ourselves–have the power to change the world.

In 2009, I founded MATTERHORN, a Seattle-based boutique creative agency on a mission to help purpose-driven organizations tell their stories, build communities, advance their visions, and drive meaningful, lasting change.

But along with new motherhood at the age of 46 came a yearning for work that is more deeply resonant to me as a woman and as a mom. I now work with purposeful women who, like me, are seeking ways to be more radically authentic and realized in the next season of their lives.

Through my coaching, mentoring, and retreats, I help change-making women harness their unique gifts and make meaningful transformation in their lives, communities, and the world.

Natasha Dworkin
Natasha Dworkin and her son

My Approach


For more than 20 year's I've worked with purpose-driven enterprises to help them tell their stories, advance their missions and change the world. Leveraging my proprietary Change Maker's Roadmap, I give my organizational clients the tools, resources, and aspirational thinking they need to craft their own actionable, step-by-step maps to the change they seek.

Now, through my courses and coaching I am employing the same approach to help purposeful women create and implement meaningful transformation in their own lives.

When you download my freebies or purchase my products, you support my slow, soulful, sustainable business practices.

Everything I make is hand-crafted by me: a woman and a mama with a full, beautiful, authentic life, who has built a career on helping others realize their deepest passions. 

I truly hope that you enjoy and gain from my offerings and that they help you discover and elevate your unique gifts. Because when each of us strives to be our whole, actualized, vibrant selves, all of us win. 

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The choice to invest in yourself and in outside guidance is no small thing. If you are curious and would like to learn more about working with me, book a clarity call so we can see if we're a good fit. Clarity calls come with zero obligation, really.

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