25 affirmations smartphone wallpapers by Natasha Dworkin
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“Talk to yourself like someone you love.”


Dr. Brené Brown


Hey, I'm Natasha!

I'm an agency founder, strategic storyteller, and transformation coach for women at midlife.

When my whole world was happily upended by an unexpected pregnancy at age 46 (whoops!), no tool was more essential to navigating that huge life change than my self care practice. And one key element of that practice was learning to talk to myself in new ways.

Enter: daily affirmations.

I hope these 25 affirming statements of self love give you just what you need to leap into your next chapter with ease, focus, and a renewed confidence to realize your dearest dreams.

Ever with you on the journey,

xo, Natasha

Natasha Dworkin
25 affirmations smarphone wallpapers by Natasha Dworkin


“To Fall In Love With Yourself Is The First Secret To Happiness.”


Robert Morely