Find your why by Natasha Dworkin
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Find Your Why

Craft your power mantra & put your purpose into practice.  

A simple but powerful technique to help you to get in touch with your deepest driving forces, and to harness what you learn to propel your own transformation.

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In this exercise, you will begin by asking yourself a deceptively straightforward question.


You'll then dig deeper by asking the same question again, and again. Eventually, you'll land on an answer that will make your heart pound, your eyes tear, or you'll simply think to yourself: Yes, that's it. That's my Why.

You'll then shape your Why into a power mantra that will make you unstoppable. Finding your Why and letting it be your guide, are the keys to putting your purpose into practice.

What's Inside?


O1     Introduction

02     "The Five Times Why" Exercise

03      A Personal Example

04     "The Power Mantra" Exercise

05      Reflections

06      Recommended Next Steps     


Hello, I'm Natasha!

I have worked as a professional change maker for more than 20 years. At the strategic communications agency I founded, I help my nonprofit clients amplify their impact, advance their missions, and drive lasting change.

When my own world was turned on its head by an unexpected pregnancy at age 46, my relationship with transformational change took a deeply personal turn. I now leverage my personal and professional experience crafting, navigating, and instigating change to help women on the cusp of realizing their potential to find the transformation and actualization they are searching for.

I launced Live Your Legacy: An Impact Accelerator for Change Making Women in 2021. This lesson is extracted from that curriculum. I hope it helps you to dive deep, get honest with yourself, and emerge with renewed focus, power, and energy to realize your dreams.

Ever with you on the journey,

xo, Natasha

Natasha Dworkin


“As you start on the way, the way appears. Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray. Curiosity propels you to your purpose.”