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 In the liminal space between what was and what will be, lies the power to step into a new chapter of growth and possibility.

Introducing Plan Your Pivot: Your Path to a More Purposeful Second Act living your purpose midlife plan your pivot self-discovery

You are reading this post right now because I pivoted.

For nearly two decades, I helped purpose-driven organizations tell their stories, amplify their impact, and change the world. I loved my work. I’d founded my own agency, with many happy long term clients on my roster. I was doing projects that stretched me and that I found rewarding. I had won some awards, been invited to speak as an expert in my field, and I was earning a healthy income.

But then—4 years ago, when I had...

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6 Steps To Begin Living Your Purpose Right Now living your purpose self-discovery

When we approach the middle years of our lives, we begin asking ourselves some deep questions: Have we made the right choices? What would we do differently if we could? What do we really, truly, want from the rest of our lives?

This line of questioning is often mistakenly labeled a midlife crisis, as if it leaves us flailing, without intent, adrift. But I suggest instead that we welcome these questions. They hold the clues to unlocking a new chapter for ourselves, one that is more fulfilling,...

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Letting Go: 8 Simple Rituals to Release What’s No Longer Serving You living your purpose rituals

Are you ready to let go of something that is no longer serving you? Ritual can be a very powerful way to do this. Here are eight simple rituals for letting go.

Journaling Ritual:

Set aside dedicated time for journaling. Reflect on what you want to let go of, whether it's limiting beliefs, negative emotions, or unhelpful patterns. Write them down and then symbolically release them by tearing or burning the paper.

Decluttering Ritual:

Choose a specific area in your living space that feels...

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